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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where meals are created which fuels the bodies, mind, and soul. The kitchen in any home evokes a mysterious attraction. Kitchens were designed for preparing and cooking meals, however over the past decade the kitchen has slowly morphed into the epic center of the home. People invest a lot into kitchen upgrades because it is the most important room when it comes to resale value of the home. Kitchens set the tone for the entire house, that’s why a lot of times a house that is perfect in every way will have a hard time getting sold due to an ugly kitchen. Every single kitchen that we design we collaboration with the customer to design the best kitchen that fits that person/families lifestyle. Our goal is to create the perfect space for you to enjoy with family and friends for many years to come. No matter what style, or how big or small our attention to detail and quality is always the same. In fact our company, and all our employees are trained and constantly updated with the best and latest craftsmanship techniques. All our hardware are of the highest quality from Europe we work mainly with Blum and Hettich. After installation all our customers are always 100% happy.


If you can only afford to make one upgrade to your bathroom décor, choose a new bathroom vanity. While standard cabinets might be inexpensive, custom bathroom vanities offer more options, and flexibility, and will be designed to suit your needs. Appraisal institute of Canada reports that homeowners are likely to recoup 75% to 100% of the cost of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Today the bathroom design is just as important as the kitchen’s, making bathrooms with universal appeal in design and aesthetics are more in demand than ever. Here at Nest Kitchens when we are designing your bathroom we design it in a way for it to flow with the rest of the house, unless the customer is looking for something specific.

Wall Units

These days most family rooms are located right next to the kitchen, so it’s always a good idea to have the same company do both. It is very important for both rooms to be have the same finish by the same finisher. Some builders in order to save some money they have their finish carpenter build the unit which will never be as good as what is finished in our shop no matter how good the carpenter is, than they’re painter will come paint the unit with a brush which in our opinion destroys the hard work that the carpenter put in. In some cases they end up spending almost the same amount if not more. Whereas if you have the same finishing in both the kitchen and family room you will have a smooth flawless finish which will look like one flawless piece.

Walk in Closets

Just like all house hold appliances closets these days come loaded with bells and whistles. Whether if it’s simply a place to store clothes or as increasingly the case your closets needs to do double duty as a dressing room and a sitting area, it must be adaptable, durable and convenient to use. Each and every single walk in closet we have built was designed specifically to serve the customer and making their lives easier and more convenient. From pull out iron boards, shoe racks, jewelry cabinets or drawers, purse hooks, pant racks, pull out tie racks, open cabinets for those special items to have a spot light on them, lift up seat benches with hidden hamper, make up desk, and open cobbles. These are just a few to give you an example. There are hundreds of different accessories for you to choose from. Even if you already have a simple walk in closet in your current home we can transform your closet from a drab place to hang clothes into a room you'll actually enjoy spending time in. benches or sitting areas to provide space where a person can comfortably get dressed without disturbing whoever is sleeping in the adjoining room. Think about adding double racks to hang clothes, one high and one low, as current clothing trends rarely necessitate the space that used to accommodate ball gowns and the like, and look for a space where you can install a full length mirror so your walk-in can be a central part of your getting ready for the day.

Library/Home Office

Home library was a relic of the past, more often encountered in a novel than in real life? But in the past decade almost every single custom luxury home comes has a library/office and in most cases with a separate entrance right by it. When it comes to looks, our design the library toward the “traditional and nostalgic” with paneled walls, coffered ceilings and a wall unit. Most customers like this room to be fully stained, and have places to display collections related to a homeowner’s other interests that might include model trains, signed baseballs, old metal coin banks or mementoes from foreign travels. If you work from home, you owe it to yourself to set up a proper office space. It's vital you have somewhere to concentrate that's separate from your home life and is hopefully a nice space to spend time in. A good working space is even more important if you operate your small business out of your home. A cluttered workplace is depressing. Your best bet for having a clear desk and tidy working environment is to have a place for everything. All our libraries are designed to give you optimal storage filling drawers, open shelfs for books and decorative pieces and also, and cabinets with framed doors. You can view some pictures of libraries we have worked on in the gallery. We also install a tall, four-shelf bookcase ideally with fixed 1 ½ “ shelfs which gives it a beautiful finish which can hold dozens of books .In addition to open shelving, consider solutions like attractive storage boxes for bits and bobs that would look messy out in the open. Again this is all customizable according to what the customer wants.